Using and Caring for the Gem Essences

Using the Gem Essences

Gem Essences for Animals are conveniently packaged in 1 oz. (30 ml) ready-to-use spray
mist bottles.

The essences work well separately or paired with other essences. When a combination of
essences is used wait a few minutes between spraying each of the essences. By letting the
mist fall and settle into the energy field before using another essence you are providing a
layering effect, which is easier for an animal to energetically process.

How to combine essences. Be creative with mixing and matching essences based on the
animal’s needs. While the possibilities may be endless for combining essences, visit the
Pairing Essences page for some ideas to get started. Remember to periodically visit this
page for updates on other essence combinations.

To help identify which essences may be best suited for your pet's particular needs, visit the
Selecting Essences page.

How much essence to use. Suggested dosage is one to three spritzes of each essence
applied topically three times a day.

For animals new to using essences, or who are sick or fragile, it is suggested to initially use
fewer spritzes per essence and then adjust accordingly.

How long to use the essences. It is recommended to use the essences three times a day
for at least three weeks. For chronic issues, or long-term care, it is suggested to use the
essences daily. For maintenance care, use the sprays three times a week, or as needed.

How to apply the essences. Application is easy. There are several ways to apply the
essences. Use the method(s) which best fits your situation:

  1. Hold the bottle about five to seven inches (12-18 cm) away from the body and spritz
    along the length of the back or on particular areas of concern;
  2. Spritz the gem essence above the body to let the mist fall gently on to the animal; or
  3. Spray the mist on your hand and then lightly stroke the essence on to the animal. For
    this method, it may be easier to spritz the gem essence once on your hand and then
    pet the animal; repeat this step to obtain the number of desired spritzes.

Caring for the Essences

Store the essences in an upright position to prevent leaking. Keep the essences away from
heat, light, and electromagnetic fields. Also take care to prevent the essences from freezing.
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