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Gem Essences for Animals
by Gem Solutions, LLC
Abe the alpaca
Happy Joints and Happy Legs
Think that Gem Essences for Animals™ are only for cats and
dogs? Think again. Abe, an alpaca and a satisfied customer,
used Happy Joints and Happy Legs when he broke his hip. The
essences helped improve his gait and mobility.
Stress-Ease and Aggress-Ease
"As an owner/operator of a doggy day care, I was excited to introduce the Stress-Ease and
Aggress-Ease combination at my pet care center. Since using the products I have noticed a
marked difference in our canine clients—they spend more time playing and socializing. Our
dogs that would be considered hyper active and "off the wall" spend more time interacting in
an appropriate manner. I would recommend any of these products to my day care and
training clients.”

Libby Smith-Hayden, Owner
Cosmic K-9
North Canton, Ohio, USA
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Promoting harmony and well being using treasures from Mother Earth
Stress-Ease and Aggress-Ease
"A colleague and I ran a Reactive Dog Class together. Reactive Dogs are those that are
often mislabeled as "bad" dogs—dogs that over-react in the face of certain stimulus, like
other dogs, strangers, UPS trucks, etc. The class helps with desensitizing a dog to the
things that are his trigger, building a “tool box” for the owner and their dog to handle stress,
and counter conditioning the dog to look forward to things that used to set him off.

During class one, when the dogs, of course, are most stressed, we did an experiment.  We
had each dog focus (using the "look" command) at his human while we presented
distractions, like keys dropping on the cement floor.  We noted an average number of
seconds the dog could hold the focus on his handler when each distraction was presented.  

Then we passed around Stress-Ease and Aggress-Ease.  We had each handler moisten
their hands with the essence, then rub it down the dog’s back.  We again did the "focus"
exercise with the same distraction and got an average for the number of seconds the dog
could hold focus.  

All three dogs, a Golden Mix, a Standard Poodle and a German Short Hair Pointer Mix, had
a marked increase of 15% - 50% in the length of time they could focus! To me, this indicated
increased calmness and attention span in the presence of distractions that cause unwanted
reactions in our dogs.  

Better control for the humans, and more progress for the dog faster in class, allowed us to
make better progress through the course because of the use of the essences.  Happier
dogs, happier clients!"

Patty Vesalo
CleverPup101 Family Dog Training
Akron, Ohio, USA
“I wanted to share with you my experience with the gem essence Aggress-Ease. I learned
about it from a Reactive Dog Class that I took with Patty Vesalo and Libby Smith.

I wasn't sure what to expect, if anything at all.  I used it on my dog, Charlie, who's been a
reactive dog since I adopted him 6 years ago (he's 9 now).  I would spray it on my hands
and wipe it along his body. He definitely seems more at ease in his Rally and Agility
classes.  I'm not saying he doesn't react at all, but the threshold seems to be higher and
he's able to relax as soon as I intervene.  

What was really amazing was that last night I had an agility run through.  I put Charlie in a
crate next to the wall and his 2 siblings were in the crate next to him (they, of course, get

I will keep using Aggress-Ease, along with the other training tips, to continue working on his

Thank you, Patty and Libby, for introducing the essence to me and for a fun, informative
class.  I’m looking forward to the next!”

Laura Osthoff
Ohio (USA)
along just fine. He didn't react as
much when other dogs came in
the area.  But what floored me
was that when I just finished
running my other dog and came
back to the crates, Charlie was
lying on his side VERY
FIVE FEET AWAY!  I was really
Happy Legs and Happy Joints
Angel had been diagnosed with two slipped
disks. After giving Angel pain medication and
being reevaluated, the vet told Debby that she
needed to make a hard decision concerning how
long to keep Angel on the pain regimen before
putting her to sleep. Wanting to give Angel the
best quality of life that she could, Debby sought
out alternative therapies to help Angel.

At this point Angel could not move her rear legs
on her own. She was not able to control bowel or
urinary functions. Undeterred, Debby forged

Angel started energy therapy bodywork, which
included using Happy Legs and Happy Joints.
Her therapy sessions started to pay off—within
three sessions she was moving her rear left leg
on her own. She continued making tremendous
improvement and also began hydrotherapy.
Angel and Debby Hendrickson
"I love using Happy Legs and Happy Joints for Angel," Debby said. "She is doing great.
Thank you guys so much. I truly believe in your products."
Happy Legs and Happy Joints
Chance was four years old when he lost the use
of both of his rear legs.

The vet suggested putting him down but his
mom, Jackie, refused to give up on her beloved
pet. She scoured the internet to see what she
could do for controlling Chance's pain, providing
comfort, and giving him the best quality of life
that she could.

Jackie decided to try alternative therapy. Chance
responded well to his weekly energy sessions
which included cranial sacral therapy, tuning
forks, hydrotherapy, and using Gem Essences
for Animals (Happy Legs and Happy Joints).
Chance and Jackie Copeland
Chance's demeanor changed. His depression melted away and he seemed like his old self
again, happy and relaxed, Jackie said.

He has also made great physical strides. At one time Chance had no motion in his rear legs.
Now he walks, runs the fence line with the neighbor's dogs, and is also wanting to jump

Chance is also continuing with hydrotherapy in the family's pool. Happy Legs and Happy
Joints are applied after each of his sessions.
Happy Legs, Happy Joints, and Aggress-Ease
Bogie, a Boston Terrier/Chihuahua mix, injured his rear
left knee while playing with and chasing the family cat. To
aid his recovery he received energy therapy bodywork.

His bodywork includes tuning fork therapy, cranial sacral,
Reiki, and the gem essences Happy Joints and Happy
Legs. Bogie also periodically gets Aggress-Ease for his
fear-based issues.

According to his energy therapist, the treatment for his
leg has also helped him with his behavior issues.

Bogie has now been integrated into a doggy day care
and has passed three obedience classes! Jean, Bogie's
mom, says that he is back to jumping up on beds and
couches without any issues.
Bogie and Jean Mastin
Trauma-Ease and Whole Love
"Diane, I have to share with you our experience with Layla
that I see as just short of a miracle.  I am using
Trauma-Ease and Whole Love on her.

Layla is a 4-year-old lab mix. Since she was a puppy she
has always been very fearful and skittish around strangers.
When we have guests over she barks, charges, and runs
away. This will go on for about 10-15 minutes.

Yesterday my friend and her husband came over (Layla
particularly does not like men). When they entered the
house Layla gave a little grumble then walked around them
and then laid down on the kitchen floor! Wow!
I am going to continue our efforts with the three times a day application but this was an
unexpected and great result for only a week of application.

I am going to take a closer look at the rest of the products you have available and get back
to you with another order!"

Thank you,

Debbie Jones
Sagamore Hills, OH (USA)