Combining Essences

Pairing the Essences

Gem Essences for Animals may be used individually or combined with other essences. Be
creative with mixing and matching the essences based on the animal’s needs. Don’t worry
about overdosing an animal with essences. Like other types of essences, if an animal
doesn't need the essence the energy from it won’t be used.

When a combination of essences is used wait a few minutes between spraying each of the
essences. By letting the mist fall and settle into the energy field before using another
essence you are providing a layering effect, which is easier for an animal to energetically
process. Visit the
Using Essences page for suggestions on how to apply essences.

New essence combinations will be added, so please check here for updates.

Some gem essence combinations include:

  • Stress-Ease, Trauma-Ease, and Whole Love for supporting animals who have been
    homeless or in a rescue or shelter situation. These essences can ease their
    transition while letting them know that they are loved.

  • Aggress-Ease and Stress-Ease for helping animals let go of aggressive behavior and
    bring forth a more peaceful, calm energy flow.  These essences work well in a multi-
    pet environment.

  • Happy Joints and Happy Legs for improving energy flow and comfort for animals with
    joint and soft tissue related issues. These essences are also great for animals in
    agility or competition.

Gem Essences for Animals
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