About Our Business

I am a Healing Touch for Animals® practitioner and a Reiki Master.
My work with animals also includes using flower essences, essential
oils, and color therapy.

My interest with holistic therapies grew out of my desire to help
improve the quality of life for our pets. Having a number of pets that
are considered “special needs,” my husband and I wanted to do
whatever we could to help support and thank our pets for the
unconditional love they gave us.

While searching for information to further my knowledge about
holistic care for animals I discovered a book about crystal healing for

Little did I realize that this book—which I thought would only be used
as reference material—would begin a new chapter in my life and set
me on a whole new journey working with animals.

In late 2005 we adopted two geriatric dogs, Rocky and Lucky. Rocky
was a 12-year-old long haired German Shepherd with multiple
health issues. One of her problems, a deteriorating spine, is what
began my adventure with crystals and making gem essences.

Our other pets have also inspired the creation of essences. In fact, if
it wasn't for our pets, this company would have never been born.

It is with a loving heart that these essences are made to help
improve the well being of both our animals and yours.

Diane Skalsky
Crystal, our guiding light
Crystal, our guiding light
Rocky, our inspiration
Rocky, our inspiration
Gem Essences for Animals
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